Management Intensives

Arts Management Training for Foreign Service Diplomats


  • Short Description
  • Thirty four (34) hour lecture – demonstrations and six (6) hours immersion specially designed for entry level diplomats. The training will provide hands – on experience to better understand and appreciate Philippine Arts and Culture. Basic knowledge and skills on Arts Management, Arts Programming and Community Building shall also be covered.


  • Participants
  • Participants were composed of  thirty (30) entry level diplomats recommended by the Foreign Service Institutes.


  • Date and Venue of Training
  • November 14, 15, 18, 19, & 20, 2013
  • Cultural Center of the Philippines & Department of Foreign Affairs


  • Coordinator
  • Alissa A. Angeles, Project Coordinator – Cultural Management Division, Arts Education Department, Cultural Center of the Philippines


  • Facilitator
  • Eva Mari DG. Salvador, Department Manager, Arts Education Department, Cultural Center of the Philippines
  • Consuelo V. Zapata, OIC – Cultural Management Division, Arts Education Department, Cultural Center of the Philippines


  • Objectives
  • At the end of the training, the participants should be able to :
  1. Define the distinct / unique characteristics of Philippine Arts and Culture;
  2. Describe in detail three examples of Philippine artistic / cultural expressions;
  3. Analyze the cultural situation specific of their diplomatic post that relates to Philippine Arts and Culture;
  4. Create strategies that address the situation;
  5. Develop a one year arts program with three activities for a foreign diplomatic post.


  • Modules: 
  • Philippine Arts and Culture 
  1. A. What makes Philippine Arts Filipino?
  2. B. My place of culture and my place of art
  3. C. Overview on Cultural Mapping
  4. D. Overview on Creative Industries


  • Arts Management
  1. A. Understand Arts Management
  2. B. Situational Analysis
  3. C. Strategic Planning


  • Arts Programming
  1. A. Basic Kits in Arts Programming
  2. B. Arts Management Cycle
  3. C. Arts Project


  • Community Building
  1. A. Community Organizing
  2. B. Building an empowering attitude
  3. C. Communication and processing skills
  4. D. Leadership skills