Arts Management Training for Foreign Service Personnel

A highly essential hands-­on training and experience in many areas of arts management.  The program will provide the opportunity to meet and connect with the creative industry sectors and networks of CCP artists, art organizations and partners.  The program is specially designed to the needs of arts managers and would be arts managers.


A hands-on training program designed for entry level diplomats, geared towards Philippine Arts and Culture appreciation with special focus on arts management, and the creative industry.

The forty hours training was conducted for 5 days, from 8am to 5pm with extensions for activities as exercises, mentorship and attendance to some artistic productions/rehearsals/set ups, etc.  Artists and arts management experts were invited to be resource persons and mentors.




The Foreign Service Institute (DFA), in partnership with the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) through the Arts Education – Cultural Management Division will conduct Arts Management Training for Foreign Service Personnel on June 13 – 16, & 19, 2017 at the CCP and DFA.

Participants are composed of  twenty two (22) Foreign Service Officers – Batch XXIV recommended by the Foreign Service Institutes.

The training will focus in the module of Philippine Society and Culture and Arts Management which was designed to increase the awareness and understanding of Philippine culture and socio-economic conditions. It also intends to strengthen the underpinning values of national pride and patriotism of our Foreign Service Officers, as they fulfill their roles as representatives of the country and of the Filipino people.

The five-day training program includes lectures, study tours, and Arts Appreciation activities.