Cultural Management

Cultural Management Programs for Arts & Culture Professionals & Institutions

Empower the arts managers through our arts management programs and get to know the issues that matter in the creative industry.


                 The program offers a venue and opportunity for business matching and business showcase of products, services and other offerings to potential partners and collaborations. 

                The program offers an intensive session to cross-sectors in order to know the issues and solutions that matter in the creative industry. This is to empower the organizations to                   be healthy and sustainable.

               The program will engage  specific arts sector and community of arts gather and discuss in the form of Conference, Summit, Camps Forum, and Focus Group Discussion.

              The program offers arts management consultancy,  guidance and strategic approach to understand the needs of growing arts and culture organization and community of arts in                  the form of Consultation, Facilitation, Mentorship, Organization Development, Strategic & Program Planning, Project & Festival Management, Evaluation & Assessment, and                     Networking & Linkages.