Arts Management Consultancy

An intervention through consultation and training that will stir, stimulate and challenge participants to the possibility of finding creative ways for building up capabilities and understand the work systems in their respective environment.  The program is made available for creative industry sectors and art organizations.

National Theater Conference

A program that will conduct specially designed trainings and workshops for arts managers and arts organizations. Design will be based on the expressed needs of the organizations.

National Theater Festival


Likha Pilipinas

The 1st Philippine Multi-disciplinary Summit on Creativity and Innovation

The summit combined academic/theoretical input with multi-disciplinary and practical applications of creativity with the end goal of creating awareness among the target audiences in realizing the value of the creative thinking and creative industries and provide support for its growth in the future. The summit brought together  educators, arts practitioners, the government sector and private sector in the fields of education, culture and arts, business, tourism, manufacturing, industrial design, public administration, sciences – health and environment, and other related fields that can work in congruence with the arts and spark creativity and innovation.

Likha Pilipinas