About NTF

Started in 1992, the National Theater Festival (NTF) has been the largest gathering of theater practitioners in the Philippines and 2012 marks the 20th anniversary of this festival. This is the 4th gathering since 1992. The festival features a showcase of the best works and a conference among others.

This year, the conference will focus on the role of theater in national development.



The conference aims to assess the theater arts practice in the Philippines with the end view of developing strategies for concerted action and implementation. Specifically, the gathering intends to:

1. Analyze the changed environment of theater in the Philippines and the world
2. Create strategies for the theater community and its role in national development
3. Determine action points be implemented in the next five years

Conference Highlights:

keynote talk, panel discussion, round table discussion, break-out sessions, plenary discussion, online interactions via social media.

NTF Conference Committee

Chris B. Millado
CCP Vice President & Artistic Director
Fernando C. Josef
Festival Director
Ariel SR. Yonzon
Festival Deputy Director
Eva G. Salvador
NTF Conference Director

Media Partners & Sponsors

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Staff Members

  • Conference Head:
    Nikko Zapata
  • Conference Deputy Head:
    Clottie Lucero
  • Conference Coordinator:
    Alecks Angeles
  • Finance:
    Pachie Ignacio
  • Logistics:
    Olive Costosa, Bob Serrano
  • Registration:
    Ronnie Mirabuena, Em Alcantara,
  • Mia Ramos, Erika Prado
  • Documentation:
    Lino Matalang, Vic Maaslom, CCP – MIS
  • Conference Technical Team:
    Eric Cruz & Technical Crew
  • Conference Set – Up Team:
    Yolly Barroga & Housekeeping