Cultural Management

Cultural Management Programs for Arts & Culture Professionals & Institutions

Empower the arts managers through our arts management programs and get to know the issues that matter in the creative industry.


                 The program offers a venue and opportunity for business matching and business showcase of products, services and other offerings to potential partners and collaborations. 

                The program offers an intensive session to cross-sectors in order to know the issues and solutions that matter in the creative industry. This is to empower the organizations to                   be healthy and sustainable.

               The program will engage  specific arts sector and community of arts gather and discuss in the form of Conference, Summit, Camps Forum, and Focus Group Discussion.

             The program offers an intervention through consultation, facilitation of request and training with arts organizations / groups.  This is an effort to stir, stimulate and challenge the organization / group and its members to build their arts management and administration capabilities in understanding the environment and work systems. Training modules include :

  1. Strategic Planning for the Arts. The participants are introduced to the rigors in strategic planning and programming.  A blueprint of their arts program will be plotted and this will be analyzed based on the organization / group capabilities and resources.
  2. Crafting of Vision – Mission – Objectives. The participants are guided to understand and feel the image that their organization / group to be.  Necessary topics may be included to review the organization past performance, assessment of goals, and organizational structure.
  3.  Arts Management. The participants are equipped with the skills in identifying their products and services, and to help in the creative packaging of their arts to become conscious in maximizing resources.  This may include topics like Project and Production Management, Marketing the Arts, Festival Management, Creative Industry, and Intellectual Property Rights.