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The program will engage specific arts sector and community of arts to gather and discuss in the form of Conference, Summit, Camps, Forum, and Focus Group Discussion. 


Started in 1992, the National Theater Festival (NTF) has been the largest gathering of theater practitioners in the Philippines and 2012 marks the 20th anniversary of this festival. This is the 4th gathering since 1992. The festival features a showcase of the best works and a conference among others.



4th National Theater Conference

The 2012 National Theater Festival (NTF) Conference is the largest gathering of theater practitioners – theater artists, directors, playwrights, designers, technicians, arts administrators, critics, enthusiasts, and donors – in the Philippines and this year, it will focus on the aesthetics, content, values, and role of theater in national development. The conference consisted of keynote talk, panel discussion, round table discussion, break-out sessions, plenary discussion, social media interaction, and online proceedings. It aims to: (1) Analyze the changed environment of theater in the Philippines and the world; (2) Create strategies for the theater community and its role in national development; and (3) Determine action points be implemented in the next five years.            


5th National Theater Conference

The 2017 National Theater Conference seeks to probe deeper into existing practices of companies or groups who perform Philippine traditional and indigenous theater and small independent theaters. The conference was a combination of  plenary and parallel sessions on various streams of theater practice in the Philippines. It seeks to: (1) Identify active practitioners and groups / companies practicing traditional folk performances and small independent theaters; (2) Update its directory of theater groups; (3) Identify evolving practices of traditional and small independent theater.






A summit on creative industry that will engage multi-disciplinary experts and other related fields that can work in congruence with the arts to spark creativity and innovation.


Likha PilipinasLikha Pilipinas

The 1st Philippine Multi-disciplinary Summit on Creativity and Innovation

The summit combined academic/theoretical input with multi-disciplinary and practical applications of creativity with the end goal of creating awareness among the target audiences in realizing the value of the creative thinking and creative industries and provide support for its growth in the future. The summit brought together  educators, arts practitioners, the government sector and private sector in the fields of education, culture and arts, business, tourism, manufacturing, industrial design, public administration, sciences – health and environment, and other related fields that can work in congruence with the arts and spark creativity and innovation.




A forum that will provide a platform to share current practices and innovations done by the creative enablers and key stakeholders from the non-formal and informal sectors.


INDAK: 1st National Dance Research Conference

A conference that will engage dance managers, dance researchers, and dance practitioners in a dialogue about dance research and pressing issues in dance and related disciplines. Speakers and dance experts will be invited in recognition of their works and the impact that may influence policies on dance research and dance practices in the Philippines.



A forum that will engage film festival organizers, film producers, film experts and the film enthusiasts to a topical sessions / discussion on issues and concerns related to independent film making.

Cinemalaya Campus Plug - CopyCINEMALAYA CAMPUS PPT COVER

 2015 Cinemalaya Campus : Broadening Horizons

The Film Forum in Cinemalaya 2015 will address two basic questions that should be of interest to film students — How does one read a film? What are some basic approaches to writing film critiques?

Each session of the forum will consist of a screening of a short film from the Cinemalaya collection, a discussion of the featured film by peer reviewers, and a critique by a film academician, scholar, or writer.  The critique will exemplify a particular approach in film criticism.

2016 Cinemalaya Campus : Break the Surface

The 2016 Cinemalaya Campus will focus on the current film technology that is available, both for student and professional filmmakers.  The forum will discuss various shooting equipment, from the ubiquitous cellphone to the more advanced high-end cameras.  It will also have sessions on sound recording, post-production, particularly editing and color grading.  However, there are things that remain constant; a session will be devoted to the work of contemporary directors.

2017 Cinemalaya Campus : See the Big Picture

Cinemalaya Campus 2017 will go beyond the task of reading films which have been addressed before.  This edition will investigate the issues that interest our filmmakers and the production of meaning of these films.