Adelante Dance Troupe


The Adelante Dance Troupe was once formerly known as Adelante Dramatics and Cultural Troupe (ADRAC). This group of Josenian college students representing the University of San Jose-Recoletos performed in local, national and even international events. The performances include historical, cultural, and modern dances with the collaboration of the dramatics group within the organization where storytelling through acting, singing and dances are woven together, thus, it was called as ADRAC. At present, it is already known as Adelante Dance Troupe (ADT). The ADT is an avenue for students to showcase their talent in dancing, at the same time, gain confidence and social skills which will help them as they graduate from the university to the world of work. At the same time, the group represents the university in the various organizations, institutions and businesses that invites them to perform, showcasing the Josenian brand and values of interiority, nationalism, service, pioneerism integrity and excellence making the name of the university known throughout Cebu and beyond.

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