Binhilan Performing Arts Guild


Binhilan Performing Arts Guild is an independent and non-profit youth serving organization registered and recognized by National Youth Commission thru Youth Organization Registration Program (YORP), Head of Culture, Arts and Tourism Committee of the Local Youth Development Council (LYDC), Science City of Munoz, and an affiliate member organization of the Coalition of Youth Development and Empowerment Advocates (CYDEA). Established in the year 2010, the group aims to showcase the local talents in the community. As the years passed, the group recieved several awards including the Hall of Fame in the Bible Dance Festival held in honor of Saint Jerome of the Diocesan Shrine in Nueva Ecija. In 2018-2019, the group participated the National Commission for Culture and the Arts Sayaw Pinoy Folk Dance Competition representing the Science City of Muñoz. In 2020, the group was one of the performers in the Dance Exchange on Air.


Yumar Braceros Mercado - Artistic Director

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