Guang Ming Dance Project


Guang Ming Dance Project is the official dance company of Guang Ming College featuring Bachelor in Performing Arts Dance majors, faculty, alumni and GMC scholars. They have been continually advocating for dance as a channel towards peace and harmony and as a vessel to spread Dharma through creating original and innovative Filipino and Buddhist-inspired dance works. GMDP is an active member of the local dance community, performing and participating in dance productions, festivals, and competitions, around Metro Manila including the Cultural Center of the Philippines and at its home, FGS Mabuhay Temple. GMDP has also participated in the annual celebration of the Chinese New Year at the Fo Guang Shan Monastery in Taiwan. The company won 2nd prize for “Lak-Baybayin” in the contemporary dance category at the 2017 NCCA Sayaw Pinoy National Dance Competition and 5th prize for “Samasama” in 2018.


Contact Person : Michael Barry Que - Adviser/Director

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