Kalatas Dance Ensemble

Theater-Community Based

A performing arts group that focuses on educating and inspiring audiences through Filipino music, arts, and culture.

Vision: To become a world-class performing arts group that brings honor to the Philippines.

Mission: Incorporating story and deeper meaning to dances, each performance aims to touch hearts, broaden minds and develop a sense of awareness on the essence of feeding soul and heart with arts and passion.

Aside from their Vision and Mission, the group also aims to make an impact to the community by doing Acts of Kindness. The group uses their earnings from performances to donate in different individuals or institutions (orphanage, home for the aged, etc.) in need. It started as a dream for school-based dance troupe alumni to form a community-based group within their circle. Finally came true on November 10, 2020 when the pioneer members of KDE met to revisit this dream of them. On November 2020, the group was invited as a performer for a parade project of the City of San Jose del Monte. The group also released multiple dance covers and themed dances (Independence, LGBTQ+, Buwan ng Wika, etc.)


Contact Details: Romwel Joseph V. Zamora - Artistic Director

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