Kalilayan Folkloric Group of Catanauan, Quezon

Folkloric | Community-based

The Kalilayan Folkloric Group (KFG) carries the ancient name of the old province of Tayabas, which is now known as Quezon. The group traces its humble beginnings in Quezon and promotes the rich traditions of the region. Founded in 1997 by artist Rommel Padillo Serrano, a former member of the Ramon Obusan Folkloric Group (ROFG), it is composed of talented locals from the municipality of Catanauan, Quezon who seek to preserve and promote Filipino folk dance and music through the performing arts.

The Kalilayan Folkloric Group seeks to contribute to the holistic growth of its members by exposing them to the colorful roots and traditions of their province and country. The young members from the rustic town of Catanauan learn to appreciate their national identity and culture and develop pride in their heritage as they study and perform Filipino folk dance and music. The young artists undergo rigorous training where they are taught the value of perseverance and discipline, thereby making each performance a winning result of their hard work, commitment and love for the arts.


Contact Person : Rommel Padillo Serrano

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