Professional Dance Company | Folkloric

Mindanao Culture is both rich and varied – A true mirror of the people of which it is the expression.

Ethnic dances are a part of this culture. They show not only the Artistic Ingenuity of the natives, but also their beliefs, traditions and life are reflected in them. These ethnic dances have for long survived. But unfortunately, only few people had the chance to see and appreciate them.

Inspired by the thrusts and objectives of the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP), Prof. Christian T.N. Aguado, a cultural anthropologist headed as founder and organizer of the MSU-IIT Kalimulan Cultural Dance Troupe. As resident cultural dance troupe of the Institute, it was formally launched by a group of young talented college students and faculty members from the College of Arts and Social Sciences on June 13, 1988.


The objectives of the troupe are:

* To help preserve and promote Filipino culture through ethnic dances;
* To foster awareness of ethnic dances as an Authentic Cultural and Artistic Expression of the Filipinos;
* To coordinate with interested agencies and other organizations towards this end;
* To spearhead campaigns for more cultural development programs in educational institutions and the community as well, and
* To provide an outlet and develop students personality through exposure to this aspect of the performing arts.

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