Saint Louis University (SLU) Dance Troupe

Contemporary Dance | Folkloric

The SLU Dance Troupe is the resident dance company of Saint Louis University in Baguio City that was established in 1993. The group was featured in various musical productions and produces showcases, folk dance concerts, and contemporary shows annually. Aside from their performances within Baguio City, the group was also invited to perform in several places in the Philippines and also astounded the international audience with their tours in California, U.S.A, Guangzhou, China, Belgium. Buriram, Thailand, and Jinju, South Korea. The company’s achievement, combined with the generous support of the University, has strengthened the SLU Dance Troupe position within the Arts Community. Through the years, all the performances of the company have reaped astounding positive responses and numerous accolades, truly a testimony of the exemplary capabilities of both its mentors and members.


Contact Person: Sherwin H. Santiago - Trainer & Choreographer

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