Sta.Teresa College SIGLAYAW DANCE TROUPE is a group of talents from Bauan Batangas. They had proven their expertise in dancing through their winning performances, one of which is being hailed as the Champion of the Batangas Sublian Festival consistently for years. The school’s active participation in other program and convocation in and out of the institution made the group strive to explore and learn the artistic diversity of dance.

Guided by the Teresian values, these disciplined individuals are honed by their mentors, to enhance their God given talents more and likewise be given the opportunity to showcase their flairs not only in Batangas province but also in other prominent places.

The achievements of STC Siglayaw Dance Troupe that they have acquired through the years were engraved in the history of Sta. Teresa College. The arduous time they spent in rehearsing and practicing their craft truly made them perform at their best. The unique dancing prowess of these Teresians have manifested in their zealous performances making their beloved institution and culturally active community truly proud of them.


Manrique C. Cabaya - Cultural Affairs Moderator

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