Sinag Banahaw Cultural Troupe (SBCT)

Folkloric | Dance-University-based

Sinag Banahaw Cultural Troupe (SBCT) is a university-based cultural organization and an affiliated dance group of Ramon Obusan Folkloric Group (ROFG) of Cultural Center of the Philippines, and was established on January 4, 1994. For 27 years, the group continuously promotes and upgrades Filipino culture and traditions through folk dance. Recently, the group represented the Southern Luzon State University at the Southern Tagalog Regional Association of State Universities and Colleges (STRASUC) and PASUC Cultural Festival wherein they placed in both Folk and Indigenous Categories. SBCT also received an award of “Galing Sining Gawad Quezon 2018 & 2020”. Sinag Banahaw showcase their skills not only locally, but also in international events, they were invited to perform at Multi-Cultural Festival 2017 & 2019 at Okazaki City, Japan.


Federico A. Ceribo - Adviser

Pia Clarisse E. Deapera - President

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