Artista Sillimaniana

University Based

The Artista Sillimaniana, though the word “artista'' is indubitably tethered to its name, is an organization that encompasses beyond the realm of the actor, theatre and the stage. There was a need to form a company that not only caters to actors and the theatre world but to all types, manners and sense of the word “artist.” Hence, Artista Sillimaniana is composed of members of the artist breed. Originally formed as an exclusive organization for students enrolled in Speech and Theatre Arts in Silliman University. It has transformed into an organization that serves as a pool of resources for both human and technical artistic skill. Artista Sillimaniana welcomes members from all walks of the art life and skill from acting, singing, dancing, design, management and other services that might deem useful in production. With an organization such as the Artista Sillimaniana, anyone looking for performers and services in technical production skills will have a source to turn to if they might need them.


Mayumi Maghuyop - President

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