The Youth Advocates Through Theater Arts (YATTA)

Youth-focused Advocacy Theater | Theater-Community Based

The Youth Advocates Through Theater Arts (YATTA) is a youth-focused theater organization based in Dumaguete City founded in 2005. It has performed original theater productions such as Hoy Mata Na!, Rape Buzz, Aah Bakus!, Alkanseng Alkansiya, Scharon Mani, Dagit, Billy and the Bully, Baling Mingawa and Pulang Langob, and conducted trainings all over the country. It is a member of Tabok and Teatro Bisaya, and has been a regular at the Asian Youth Theatre Festival. In 2008, it garnered a spot as one of the Ten Accomplished Youth Organizations. YATTA partners with the Dumaguete City Tourism Office, the Philippine Educational Theater Association, CCP and NCCA-National Committee on Dramatic Arts among others.


Dessa Quesada Palm - Executive Director

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